OFO’s first task is to get more customers

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Sharing the current bike has a Liaoyuanzhishi. Youbai cycling and old well-known bike manufacturers Shanghai permanent close, small-ming bicycles get bike business Kaili Shi joined, small blue cycling from the Internet + riding sports entrepreneurial beast riding, Ali, Tencent, millet and other giants have been Chung Into the market. However, among the many competitors, the orange mo bikes and the yellow ofo shared bicycle has become the leader. From the financing situation, Moab has been financing more than 200 million US dollars, the largest competitors of the share of bicycle financing has more than 100 million US dollars.

With the sharing of bicycles “two strong hegemony” pattern has become increasingly clear, the two sides is bound to become more intense competition. September 8, 2016, Mabai bicycle cooperation with Peking University, set up in Beijing University, nearly 20 more than Maba bike recommended parking point, to enter the campus market. October 10, ofo announced to Beijing, Shanghai, cut into the formal entry into the urban market, sharing the field of cycling “orange war” officially staged.

On September 1, 2016, the bicycle entered the second city of Beijing, and the next few months quickly reached Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Ningbo, Foshan and other cities. Quantity, the end of December that year, general manager of Shanghai, said Yao was in the headquarters of the number of vehicles operating in Shanghai to 100,000. In addition, the Mabai launched the Qingqi version of Mobike Lite, trying to avoid riding experience is poor, the bike cost is too high two major negative factors, and further to seize the market. The ofo has 22 cities in the country more than 200 colleges and universities to carry out business, precision combat, more flowering, the current number of cyclists in the market for the 16 million.

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