WeChat is testing another new function

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61% of the users, more than 10 times a day to open the WeChat, 55% of users use WeChat every day more than 1 hour, the two groups of data surface WeChat users with strong sticky, but each use of residence time is too short.

Tencent is currently investing in betta fish, B station, Dragon Ball, quack and other major live platform, and he has done Now, Tencent live, live tricks, live penguins and other broadcast platform, it can be said that Tencent is very important to the broadcast industry, its various Basic business are involved in the broadcast industry, then for WeChat in the live industry is not surprising!

But that being the case, WeChat live function has not been out of the reason, one thing can not be ignored: WeChat is the social acquaintance, and live social strangers, two products in the positioning of a certain conflict. Based on this, this may also be why the WeChat for the broadcast function so cautious!

In addition, the earlier launch of micro-short video features can be said to be a major bright spot, but the current results, the use of short video frequency as Zhang Xiaolong imagined as frequent, even before being reported to the “small program “It seems only fire a day’s time. Imagine, from the 9th to the present, you have a few real initiative to use a small program function?

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