Automotive large data platform

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According to the venture capital project database, auto insurance was founded in November 2016 to car insurance as the starting point, to build a car data-driven large data platform, and ultimately serve the automotive manufacturers market promotion business.

Easy car insurance business model is based on the physical experience with the Internet shop online platform, integrated automotive market resources, the precise owners and car manufacturers linked together. In the acquisition mode, the auto insurance easy to create a “buy how much insurance, how many gifts to send” Internet + free experience store model – the owner to buy auto insurance funds can be easy to shop in the auto insurance to buy value goods. At the scene of the car insurance easy model shop experience, display of clothing, bags, cosmetics, jewelry, handicrafts and other categories of goods.

Li Chen, founder of auto insurance that the current Internet companies are mostly in the “burn”, no matter what kind of Internet model used, the final channel or to the regression line. Therefore, in the car easy to project planning when he chose the “line from line to line” layout logic.

Li Chen said that the choice of shares with the West code, fancy is the latter in the automotive field of service network and industrial chain resources. He announced that auto insurance will be easy in the next year in 200 cities across the country to complete the 1000 line experience store layout.

Prior to this, based on large data auto insurance parity platform, “the most-guaranteed” access to Yaxia Automobile (002607, buy) 86 million investment, “Easy Insurance” also received 50 million A round of financing, showing the automotive market has become the automotive industry New economic growth point, market, development prospects, Internet insurance is also given more innovative genes, “Big Data +” concept has been a lot of uproar.

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