There are more and more enterprises using mobile apps to make profit

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Yesterday, the announcement of its latest round of financing 100 million US dollars, D round of financing, the valuation of more than 1 billion US dollars, China’s Internet enterprises in the birth of a Unicorn enterprise. More analysis pointed out that the future mobile APP side will be realized to achieve large-scale knowledge platform strategy, to win a higher valuation of the only path.

In fact, look at the Chinese Internet companies, rely on mobile APP successful entrepreneurship and not only a few, only focus on the field of mobile Internet unicorn enterprise is not unusual, such as travel class APP drops worth nearly 30 billion news news category APP Today’s headline valuation of billions of dollars, photographers category Meitu Xiu Xiu show valuation of 5.0 billion, etc., these emerging areas of APP entrepreneurs saw the opportunity to take advantage of the trend of mobile Internet, in their respective vertical areas are absolute Leading position.

Recently, 360 mobile assistant announced the 2016 annual APP list of all the people list, according to the APP 2016 in the 360 ​​mobile assistant platform user coverage, praise, growth and the user to vote several other dimensions, covering the “news agency Travel, Music, Short Video, Online Video, Live, Integrated Electricity, Cross-border Electronic Business, Parenting, Traveling, Reading, News, Finance, Travel, Photography, Education, Practical Tools, Sports Health Business, life services, stand-alone hand tour, mobile online games “and other 21 large classification list of the people list, the final selection of each category TOP5.

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