NetEase news is listed top 1 based on active users

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Behind the dazzling achievements, and NetEase news continued to optimize the content of the ecological opening and connectivity, technology, products and content are inseparable from the continuous innovation. In 2016, NetEase news first to seize the opportunity of information broadcast, released “Skynet plan” live strategy, and launched for live PGC, Netease number content open platform “partners” mechanism, in new technology and market opportunities, Platform-level content-based innovation captured more young users of all ages.

In the mobile broadcast technology, driven by NetEase news production of professional content on behalf of – “big event reports” also have more advantages, timeliness, presence and high interactive events to become a major event Netease news young users of the main Active position. According to TalkingData published in 2016, the 30th anniversary of Chernobyl, the Asia-Pacific earthquake and other major events occurred during the spread and Netease news user activity is much higher than the overall activity of news and information. As of the end of 2016, NetEase news broadcast has achieved 14000 original live, the number of participants nearly 20 million, an average monthly increase of 172.76% proud record, including man-machine war, flooding the South, Huoxin wedding and other live are attracted more than 60 million users concerned about participation. Hua Tong Ming slightly statistics show that during the Rio Olympics, Netease news users per day to watch the Olympic live and video time up to 45 minutes.

Live into NetEase news professional and high-quality content production of the core of change, but also to “Pan-information” the platform-level strategic high ground has more “floor” approach. At the same time, NetEase news for PGC live producers and NetEase number content entrepreneurs such as the launch of the “partner” program to the new content production organization and distribution of benefits to create the platform and more high-quality content business partners win-win ecological Circle, but also allows users to enjoy a more diversified, personalized information content. As of the end of 2016, NetEase news platform has 150,000 high-quality Netease number assigned, the average daily flow of more than 60%.

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