The influence of financial live on investors

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At present, China’s financial industry is standing on the corner of the fission of the times, the Internet financial technology upgrades and popularization to provide a strong driving force for development, and in the past 2016, relying on financial technology to achieve rapid rise of financial live, Almost all over the half of the financial sector. In the wave of financial live wave of those who get in the tide, January 4, 2016 on the line of professional Internet financial platform, octopus online, through the accumulation of its active and mature live users has reached more than ten million people, the user size and market Share to achieve rising. Octopus online not only for investors to provide free live financial platform for learning, their own large users of live data and financial technology advantages, more financial companies to provide high quality and practical marketing operations services for financial enterprises and the majority of financial investors to build a link Of the link.

Into 2017, the domestic financial sector is facing new situations and challenges, in this context, we according to the fish online platform statistics out of user data, published in 2016 financial live for investors influence report.

According to the data, in the past 2016 years, the users of the live financial platform live on the PC side and the Internet mobile side of the two-way, which accounted for 61% of PC users, the Internet Mobile End users accounted for up to 39% of the total live financial users to maintain an upward trend, which PC-registered users showed a downward trend, while the Internet mobile end users registered a significant upward trend, the user migration to the mobile end of the trend is expected The future of financial broadcast will enter the “PC + APP” era of the whole network Bazhao.

Investment platform for the investment of the financial user log source type was diversified distribution, which includes search engine login, external link login and direct access and other types. In the search engine from the overall login user, the main user login source type Baidu search, 360 search, Sogou search and so on. One of the PC side of the live user, the main log source type is Baidu search, 360 search, Sogou search, bing search; and mobile side of the live user, the main log source type is Baidu search and 360 search. Financial coverage of domestic users of almost all the search engines, and further shows the financial live for investors to invest in learning habits and influence of the overall deepening.

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