Google strictly restricts third-party ROM

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TechWeb reported that Google restrictions on third-party ROM is very loose, the use of Android system as the underlying development of the UI system of mobile phone manufacturers and companies a lot. But after that there may be changes, because Google requires mobile phone notification center style must be unified, including view, update, remove, reply to be in accordance with Google’s design requirements. This requirement will be formally implemented in the Android 7.1 version.

If the third-party ROM manufacturers do not follow Google’s request, then the phone will not be able to use Google Play and other Google-related services. Because many people use Android users to Google services to come, this is tantamount to restricting the practice of third-party vendors to modify the notification bar.

Prior to Google is relatively open, does not limit a certain style, so customization and personalized to allow users to praise, but this move is not very satisfactory. However, taking into account only the notification bar, the impact is not too great. But there is no guarantee that Google will step by step to increase the restrictions on the region and manner.

But then again, the restrictions for domestic users is almost non-existent, because domestic users can not use Google-related services and Google Play, so the mobile phone manufacturers should be in accordance with their UI preferences and style of adjustment.

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