10% of Google mails is replied by robot

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Dean did not specify exactly how many emails were sent by the feature. While Inbox is far less popular than Gmail, Inbox is the top 50 most productive app in the Apple store, and according to App Annie, there are a lot of Android users in the app. wholesale.

This feature now accounts for one-tenth of the total response rate on the phone side, and when you think there are so many users who have discovered that the artificial intelligence makes the reply accurate enough to meet everyday usage, that figure would be pretty staggering.

Google launched the first smart reply inbox in 2015, then the company has in the news application to add many new features.

Dean said on Wednesday that the idea of the function comes first from Google April Fool’s Day joke. April Fool’s Day 2009, Google jokes that there will be called the Gmail Autopilot automatic reply robot, it will respond to all your e-mail. Although the smart reply did not let us completely abandon the e-mail, but it does make our lives full of more wisdom.

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